Interview with Author – Carl Plumer

MAD ABOUT UNDEAD YOU is Carl S. Plumer’s first novel. While getting from there to here, Carl worked at a variety of jobs, including gravedigger. He once had a corpse fall on top of him while digging too close to a neighboring grave during a thunderstorm at twilight. (Come to think of it, that incident may have planted the seed for Mad About Undead You.) Visit his website,, to read his latest work and chat with the author about writing, horror, zombies, and such things. Carl Plumer is on most social media platforms, so reach out to him on your favorite platform. All of his contact information is also on the website. He would enjoy hearing from you, starting a conversation, and learning about you and your interests. Carl Plumer holds degrees in English and Writing and has earned a living as a business writer his entire adult life. He is originally from New York City, now residing in the Midwest. In his quixotic quest to be an author, Carl receives unending love and support from his beautiful wife Kristen, four amazing children, and two suspicious black cats.